AI that works.

Let’s face it. Siri isn’t really useful. Watson does a lot of things you don’t understand, let alone need. Why can’t someone just build an AI that does the things you don’t want to?

Access to the profound.
Automation of the mundane.
Attention to the details.


An interface should create an environment that is frictionless. That means presenting answers that are appropriate for your context. Graphs aren’t useful for driving, and a single number rarely tells enough of a story to make a decision.

Amber is

Tasks have a flow. Why should your assistant only work for a few seconds at a time? Following up on a task, and apprising you of updates should be the norm, not the exception.

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Value your time.

People worry about their own time, and aren’t anxious to share. But a bot? What does it care if it needs to wait a while to fulfill your request?


Data isn’t useful if it is siloed. Set it free! Data Democracy means giving people the data they need, and making it easy to access. It also means only giving the access they need.

Build windows not doors.

How much training should your Chief of Product need to get on to find out what is causing customers to leave you? None.


Flawlessness is too much to ask of humans, but machines? They can be sure to never make embarrassing spelling mistakes, or come off as mad. They don’t flirt with co-workers inappropriately, or get sloppy when tired.

It is in the eye of the beholder.

Data should be from your perspective. Unless you want it to be from the perspective of others. Everyone’s mom makes the best lasagna.

We make working .

  • People are not actually very good at communicating. We aren’t looking to pass a Turing Test, we want people to try to be as good as our AI. We want you to be happy you got the machine.
  • When was the last time someone did all of the work, for all of the possible ways you could want something done, then asked you to pick which ever one you wanted? Yeah, it hasn’t happened to us either. Maybe that’s why we like bots so much.

From soft to hard.

Many of the things we want to measure don’t fall on a scale of 1 to 10. Converting qualitative data in to quantitative is our specialty.

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